About The Cookery

Whether you're looking for cooking classes for beginners or you want to fine tune your chef skills, The Cookery is here to empower you in the kitchen by making cooking approachable and fun.

Cooking classes for beginners

What can I expect at The Cookery Classes?

Each class at The Cookery is led by an engaging culinary instructor who guides participants through the creation of a three course dinner, lasting approximately three hours. Whether you’re looking to indulge in cooking classes for beginners you want to sharpen your advanced cooking skills, our culinary instructors will guide you through cooking courses that are appropriate for your skill level.

Upon arrival, a complimentary snack and beverage are provided to incite taste buds and set the ambiance for the class. Participants are then outfitted in aprons, and the fun begins!

Guests will enjoy learning new cooking skills, hearing chef’s secrets and working together to craft the featured courses, which are then enjoyed family-style by course at our large farm table.

The Cookery offers a wide selection of recreational interactive cooking classes for chefs at all levels – from cooking classes for beginners to advanced home cooks, we make cooking fun and approachable. Our classes focus on international, regional and seasonal cuisines. This way, you’re sure to indulge in fresh flavors and expand your cooking knowledge into regions you may have never explored before.

We currently offer cooking classes in Dallas, Houston and Fort Worth. Find a cooking class near you and sharpen your skills with a class at The Cookery today!


Cookery Founder Kelly teaches cooking classes for beginners and advanced cooks

Meet the Founder

Passionate about cooking, entertaining and teaching, Kelly brings years of culinary experience to The Cookery.

Previously, Kelly has worked as a professional cooking instructor for years, and has spanned the globe expanding her knowledge of different types of cuisines.

Destined for the culinary world, it was Kelly’s mother who ignited a passion for cooking in her daughter at a young age. Growing up, Kelly often helped her mom whip up exotic dishes for many dinner parties, including their annual Chinese New Year’s party, Hawaiian luau, and Norwegian feast for the local 4-H club.

She credits her love of food, along with her keen understanding of experiencing the unique role cooking plays in different cultures, to her mom.

Ever the student herself, Kelly’s desire to further her knowledge and passion has led her around the globe studying cooking throughout Asia, North America, Europe, the Caribbean and Central America. From making fresh pasta in Italy, to roasting her own pig in Kauai and discovering the unique flavors of Thailand, she possesses a distinct understanding of the world’s most coveted cuisines. Additionally, Kelly’s travels equipped her with culinary skills and techniques bespoke to each destination. Over time, she couldn’t help but find that she was passionate about sharing her experience with others.

Kelly opened The Cookery as a place where friends and family could come together and make meaningful connections over great conversation and even better food.

To learn more about Kelly’s journey and dive into her cooking classes for beginners and advanced cooks, contact us today. We look forward to cooking with you!